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3 Ways to Tell if Your Wine Has Gone Bad

Look at the bottle: Check for visible signs of leakage or seepage around the cork or cap. If the seal appears compromised, it could indicate that air has entered the bottle, potentially affecting the wine’s quality. Look for any discoloration or sediment in the wine. While some sediment is normal in older red wines, excessive sediment or unusual colours in any wine may suggest spoilage or oxidation.

Smell the wine: The smell of a freshly opened bottle of wine can reveal a lot about its condition. A good wine should have a pleasant, complex array of aromas. Depending on the wine, you should be able to detect fruitiness, floral notes, botanicals, earthy aromas like oak, and even spices. A bad wine often has a sharp, vinegar-like smell, a musty, mouldy smell, or a heavy raisin smell, indicating that the wine is spoiled or over-aged.

Give the wine a taste test: Start with a small sip to check the wine. A wine that has gone bad may taste overly sour, bland, or unusually sweet. Along with an uncharacteristic wine taste, a watery mouthfeel can indicate that your wine is past its prime. For sparkling wines, the carbonation can either go flat.

    Remark: Remember, even if the taste is off, it’s not necessarily harmful to your health but will undoubtedly impact your drinking experience.

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